vixx 360!

your excitement is hypnotizing

vixx with a cute lil starlight (*/ω\*)

140724 VIXX (Ken) - ‘Hug’ Special Stage

kids gets the best fanservice and widest smile from leo

vixx throwback moments 。◕‿◕。 - 11/ | nom nom nom~ (pt.1)


starlights have a lot of differing opinions but at least we can all agree on one thing

personal fave:


tumblr user hyukson’s first giveaway wow!!!

i’ve always wanted to do a giveaway and tbh this is probably my last chance since soon i will be a broke college student aha

i reached a nice number of followers semi-recently and it’s also been nearly 1 year since i started this blog, so that’s pretty good. also i have some extra albums :’)

✪ cool and exciting prizes:

▹ 1 VIXX Eternity album + folded poster

▹ 1 VIXX Jekyll album

▹ 2 other kpop albums of your choice together costing no more than $45 usd

▹ 1 pencil portrait of whoever you want, drawn by me (examples: x, x, x)

✪ rules/info stuff:

▹ 1 winner

must be following me tumblr user hyukson

▹ reblog up to 3 times a day

▹ likes count

▹ no giveaway blogs

▹ winner must respond within 24 hours

i’ll ship anywhere, just make sure it’s ok to give out your address

✪ giveaway ends: August 1st at 8:00PM PST

thank you for following me and good luck :-)